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Looking for Daylighting Controls & Engineered Systems?
Follow PLC Multipoint.

More than 25 years ago, PLC Multipoint began blazing a trail. This trail was sensor technology. Little did we know that this sensor technology trail we were creating would eventually become the daylighting control superhighway that it is today. This technology is now everywhere and the engineered systems of PLC Multipoint are there with it. While so many other control companies have jumped on the trail to daylighting control, they are all just following PLC Multipoint. The map is ingrained in everything we do. If you are interested in daylighting control, doesn’t it make sense to work with a company that knows how to get there.

While PLC Multipoint consists of four distinct business divisions serving specific market segments, our technology and expertise are built into all of them together.

Lighting control systems ideal for office complexes, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.

Sensor technology leading the way in daylighting control.

Lighting control systems specific to tunnels, bridges, and underpasses.

Custom designed systems to suit any manufacturing or processing application.