About PLC Multipoint

In the 1980’s an inventor, Fred Blake, created the very first photo sensor. He then founded Multipoint Control and patented his sensor design. At this same time a businessman, Fred Dittmann, was operating a company called AD Controls. This company manufactured industrial and process control systems. Fred Blake and Fred Dittmann were colleagues and friends, collaborating on several projects in the 1980’s. 

As it turned out, Fred Blake was unhappy managing his company. An inventor through and through, he wanted time to create. He approached his friend Fred Dittmann for advice on what to do with his company. After much consideration Fred Dittmann purchased the business along with the sensor patents. The resulting business was named PLC Multipoint, which Fred Dittmann formed with his son Norm in 1991.

By 2010, the business had products and services reaching into a wide range of markets, while serving a multitude of different customers. To better serve all those customers, PLC Multipoint established four business divisions, each serving a specific market. Those business divisions are PLC Buildings which represents commercial lighting control products and sells through a national network of sales representatives, PLC Sensors with represents their photo sensor products and sell through OEMs and distributors, PLC Transportation which represents custom-created lighting control systems specific to the transportation industry, and PLC Industrials with represents their operational systems made to suit custom applications.

The manufacturing of all these various products is still done in the same US facility the business was started in. Yes, there have been massive improvements within the facility, as well as the addition of an east coast location in Plantsville, Connecticut. Their facility is registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and are a UL508A Panel Shop, delivering the highest quality products all over the world.

Norm, much like his father, loves to solve mechanical problems. Most days you can find him in manufacturing, creating the right sensors and system solutions for any number of custom lighting applications. After 27 years, PLC Multipoint has never changed. It still provides the latest technology, made from the best possible components, using the highest level of care and creativity. No matter what the problem might be, there’s a solution to be found at PLC Multipoint.