Tandem Fits Everywhere

Everything you need to control the lighting within any building complex, big or small, you can get with Tandem. You can automatically turn your lights on and off, dimming them up or down to offset daylight. You can set the lights brighter in the conference rooms and lower in the lounge areas. Everything you could possibly imagine – 0-10V dimming, full communication, centralized control, expandability – is all yours in one cost-effective lighting control network. Best of all it’s made right here in America.
  • 0-10V dimming
  • Fully-expandable network
  • Direct communication
  • Simple commands
  • Computer interface
  • Up to 48 relays per enclosure
  • 4 enclosure sizes
  • Pre-programmed control strategies
  • Reliable 20A mechanically latching relays
  • Multiple scheduling options
  • Up to 48 low voltage switches per enclosure
PLC Multipoint wrote the book on sensor technology, the very foundation of daylighting controls, which is now the standard for all lighting control systems. So, while the Tandem lighting control system from PLC Multipoint comes loaded with standard features, it also comes with more than 25 years of sensor technology, built in.