Automated Shade Control with Photo Sensor Technology

Shades have been used in American homes and businesses for nearly 100 years. It’s always been a simple and reliable way to control the effects of the sun within any space. Today, with even more emphasis on reducing energy costs, there’s never been a better time to use shades as a cost-effective way to reduce the use of electricity for lighting and cooling your building.
PLC has taken shade technology one step further by incorporating operational controls. Now, with some simple programming, you can command your shades to open, close, or set a blade angle, all based on time of day or the amount of sunlight in a room. Introducing the Eclipse, from PLC, which gives you complete control of commercial-grade venetian and louver-style shades.

One of the key elements of the Eclipse shade control system from PLC is its integration with photo sensors. Using the Eclipse photo sensor monitoring system, as the sun changes throughout the day, the shades are automatically adjusted. This enables you to balance levels of lighting and cooling in every room of your building.

PLC has been providing the industry with ambient light sensors for more than 20 years. These sensors boast the highest level of quality with a wide range of features. When using these sensors, you can trust that they will provide trouble-free installation and operation.

We’ve worked through all the details of daily operation, incorporating the necessary controls to keep things running smoothly. The Eclipse shade control system has built-in algorithms to account for situations that could cause light levels to increase or decrease for a very brief period. Things such as small clouds passing overhead or a stray beam from a passing car could cause other systems to act incorrectly. The Eclipse has programmable time delays, which provide a wait period, allowing a brief amount of time before acting on what has been sensed.

The Eclipse shade control system also allows you to program exact times for the shades to open, close, or set to any angle. Once programmed, the system will operate to these settings regardless of any photo sensor readings. You can also override all the settings in the system, operating the blinds manually for a specific period.

LEED Certification is the most recognized global standard for high-performance buildings that are efficient, cost effective, and better for occupants and the environment. The Eclipse shade control system is an ideal addition to any building seeking this certification.


  • Surface-mount NEMA Type 1, hinged door enclosure• Up to four (4) open/close groups (zones)
  • 24VDC control bus
  • Up to 16 dry contact inputs
  • Up to 5 programmable light-intensity set-points
  • Minimum set point of 500fc (adjustable at the controller)
  • Delay time of 120 seconds (adjustable at the controller)
  • Solid-state open/close output relays
  • Isolated inputs from local override switch
  • Overload protection and end-of-motion snap switches
  • Three-position return-to-center selector switch

Automated Shade Control by Savannah Trims.