I-Series (Integrated)

Daylight harvesting and slide control of electronic ballasts from a single switch.

Control electronic ballast lighting in one simple solution. Combining the Iris Sensor with the Slide Switch creates a cost-effective way to bring 0-10V dimming and daylight harvesting to almost any ballast lighting situation. You can minimize electrical usage across a room’s ballast-driven lighting while still having the ability to slide-dim or even shut-off the lighting.  All done at the source, using a single sensor and switch.

The Iris Sensor is mounted on the ceiling of a space with access to daylight. It can be wired to as many as 50 ballast-driven dimming light fixtures.  This sensor will measure the luminance within the space, balancing the artificial light with available daylight to provide the right amount of light at the lowest energy cost. The Slide Switch then wires directly to the dimming ballast and operates in parallel with the Iris Sensor, providing the ability to adjust all the lighting up, down or off, using the on-board slide switch or toggle.

These days it’s all about being “Green”.  The LEED Green Building Rating System is leading the way in defining building standards.  This integrated lighting system is a cost-effective way to meet some of those standards.