Robust Wireless Network That’s Easy to Install & Operate

LODESTAR+ provides wireless control of your pole lights with an incredibly easy-to-install, preprogrammed network.

Factory Programmed for Easy Setup

LODESTAR+ arrives preprogrammed, greatly simplifying the instal- lation process. The LODESTAR+ Mobile App provides the options to
adjust and reconfigure at set-up or any time afterwards. 1

ZigBee Wireless Network

LODESTAR+ offers a networking solution that is both simple and secure. ZigBee builds on the physical layer and media access control defined in IEEE 802.15.4 and uses 128-bit keys to implement its securi- ty mechanisms.

Lighting Automation

LODESTAR+ leverages daylight and motion sensing data (if installed) to eliminate unnecessary energy demand. Within established zones, schedules automatically update light levels to user-defined settings.

Code Compliance Made Easy

LODESTAR+ provides an easy way to comply with codes requiring reduced light levels in high-traffic or residential areas (light trespass), without costly fixture modifications.