Wireless System

Consists of more stable, reliable components and circuits than competitors’ products

The MRBAS’s Wireless System is more accurate dimming control and energy saving effect can be obtained, and the system can be used stably for a long time. Also, wireless system have several products that can both dimming and ON/OFF control. By properly selecting WDM (Wireless Dimming Module) and WOM (Wireless ON / OFF Module), more effective control can be achieved and energy saving effect can be obtained.

The Wireless System applies at office, underground parking lot area, conference room, hallway, lobby, classroom, and restaurant. Also, applies at building, mall, hotel, residential complex, terminal and public area to be as efficient management system for lighting & black-out.

The Auto LED Dimming Control due to external Photo sensor and Occupancy sensor. The installation is easy due to Wireless Communication and the Maintenance is convenient. The various function is taking advantage due to actual installation of the operating experience.


  • International standard protocol IEEE 802.15.4 ZIGBEE Communication
  • The maximum of 254 EA. of gateway has stand alone function
  • The maximum AG (Access Group) of 127 EA.
  • Actually configured AG is below 5 each
  • The one gateway (WG) is configured of less than 5 EA. of AG and one AG is designed to have 64 EA. of Wireless Dimming Module.
  • Each Wireless Dimming Module is able to control the Analog Dimming Control within the range of max. and min. dimming range
  • Dimming control is for each SCENE specific, it has the occupancy detecting and photo detection sensing function
  • Each Wireless Dimming Module is able to step up & down without Dimming’s fading
  • Each Wireless Dimming Module able to control by Group which can be set for 1 -16 groups
  • Photo and Occupancy Sensor installed at each Wireless Dimming Module is operate or inoperative due to selection of Enable
  • Each Wireless Dimming Module is internal with Stand Alone Function at CPU, the Dimming Control is able by sensor from site
  • It has Self-Diagnosis function to display the error status for communication error and dimming output error