All-In-One Solution Expandable to 48 Relays

The Bantam is an inexpensive, stand-alone package that requires very little setup.  This system provides automated control based on panel switches, photocells and time schedules.  It is made specifically for all-in-one applications requiring 8 to 48 relays.  It’s ideal for interior offices, small manufacturing, retail, and restaurants.  Interior lighting can incorporate after-hour overrides with timed sweeps and blink warn. Exterior lighting can use an astronomical clock (sun up and sundown), dry contact or analog photo sensor.


  • Specify 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 relays
  • 4 enclosure sizes
  • Pre-programmed control strategies
  • 4 analog channels for dimming
  • Graphic interface with integral keypad
  • Reliable 20A mechanically latching relays
  • Multiple scheduling options – Normal Time, Astro Time, Open/Close Time
  • 16 CAN bus digital switch stations
  • Up to 48 switch inputs for low voltage switches, occupancy sensors, or other dry-contact inputs
  • 4 analog inputs for PLC Sensors
  • Micro SD card for data storage/updates