The LC3X automatically switches three dry contacts in response to changes in natural daylight, utilizing independent set-points. This controller requires a separate PD style sensor and optional 3X/PD adapter to complete the low voltage system. The LC3X can be configured as a stand-alone controller or used for cascaded operation with a master LC3X providing the sensor signals to slave controllers.


  • 3X/PD Photodiode adapter, which provides the sensor’s gain calibration.
  • 3X/T Timer with multiple time ranges.
  • PD Simulator, used to verify voltages of footcandle levels.


  • Adjustable set-points
  • Low voltage controls
  • Drift-free switching set-point
  • Standard 0-2,500FC range. Optional 0-10,000FC range
  • Adjustable input delays
  • Override input for each level of control
  • Cascaded to another LC3X
  • Standard 24 VAC input
  • 2-year warranty