PLC Buildings

Lighting control systems specific to commercial building applications big or small, internal and external.

I Series: Integrated Controls Photo Sensors
Iris SensorSlide Switch

S Series: Photo Sensor Based Lighting Controllers
LC8 | LC3X

C Series: Contactor Based Lighting Control Systems
LCM-IE | LCM-ASTRO | Eclipse

R Series: Relay Based Lighting Control Systems
Bantam | Tandem

PLC Sensors

Photo Sensors that monitor ambient light with high quality and a wide range of features

M Series: Monitoring Photo Sensors

I Series: Integrated Controls Photo Sensors
Iris Sensor| Slide Switch

PLC Transportation

Control systems specific to the needs of underpasses, tunnels, bus stops and bridges.

T3X-1 System : Stand alone analog | T41-1 System : Stand alone

T51-1 System : Stand alone microprocessor | T51-3 System : Contactor based
T51-4 System : Analog LED Dimming

T54-1 System : Distributed circuit breaker | T54-2 System: Redundant | T54-3 System : Contactor based

T57-4 System : Analog LED Dimming | T57-5 System : Distributed Dimming Network
T57-6 System : LED drivers – Distributed I/O network

Lighting Control System Accessories

RDE/RDR : Remote dimming enclosure / Remote dimming repeater
RNE/RFE : Remote network dimming enclosure / Remote fiber optic enclosure

TLUM : Luminance Measurement | TMAS : Illuminance Measurement

PLC Industrials

Custom control systems to suit any process application

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