CES Photo Sensor

  • Photodiode Sensor
  • Multiple Voltage Output
  • 3-Wire
  • External Power

The CES is a three-wire analog photo sensor which provides a light level input into lighting control and building automation systems. The CES has four models, each used in different locations in and around a building.

Indoor sensors are used in offices and classrooms.
Outdoor sensors detect light for sign and site illumination control.
Atrium sensors measure light in lobbies.
Skylight sensors read the ambient light available in warehouse skylights.
Low Range indoor sensor for museum wall monitoring
High Range outdoor sensor for daytime contrast lighting control.

Each sensor has a different range and focus of the light being measured.

SensorStyleMinMaxFactory Set
CES/IIndoor070 – 750 Fc.100 Fc.
CES/OOutdoor050 – 750 Fc.250 Fc.
CES/AAtrium0200 – 2,500 Fc.1,000 Fc.
CES/SSkylight01,000 – 7,500 Fc2,000 Fc.
CES/ILIndoor Low040 – 60 Fc.40 Fc.
CES/ILFIndoor Low Fresnel040 – 65 Fc.60 Fc.
CES/ILD2Indoor Low Opaque050 – 75 Fc.50 Fc.
CES/ODOutdoor Dark0500 – 7,500 Fc.1,000 Fc.